Ringke Stainless Steel Case Compatible with AirPods Pro, Premium Gloss Stainless Steel Cover with Inner Protective Film, Keychain Carabiner


Rs. 5,999 Rs. 8,999


Ringke Stainless Steel case is made of SUS316L Grade Stainless Steel material, commonly found in luxury-brand designer watches for an upscale, deluxe refinement.
It is processed using a high-precision CNC machine for exact measurements to perfectly fit your device. The glossy, silver surface is polished for a rust-resistant, wear-resistant luster to ensure long-lasting quality and an elegant finish.

Classy, thin design slides over your device in two separate pieces for a smooth, streamlined appearance and is kept in place with a powerful double-sided adhesive.
Use the easy-to-install protective film directly onto the AirPods Pro charging case for an extra layer of security.

The cutout in the back of the case allows full access to the pairing button, so you can pair your earbuds to a new phone without having to remove your case. See your device light up when you charge via the charging light cutout.

The upscale look of the Stainless Steel case completes any outfit.
Use the included carabiner keyring to easily snap your case into any bag, purse, or anywhere else to create a statement piece that's bound to catch eyes!

To install this case:
1. Attach the Protective Film by following the included instructions completely.
2. Slide the now-protected device into the bottom case.
3. Adhere the double-sided tape onto the top of the device.
4. Put on the top case and gently press the pieces together to remove excess gaps.

Ever need to remove the Ringke Stainless Steel? Slide the edge of the included Removal Pick into the gaps between the case and device to easily separate them.
Please Read! Due to the nature of metals, the Ringke Stainless Steel case is not wireless charger compatible! Attempts to wirelessly charge your device with this case may result in device damage from overheating or cause fires.

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