Ringke [Slim] Compatible for Magnetic Charger


Color: Matte Clear
Rs. 1,599 Rs. 2,399


Brand Ringke
Colour Matte Clear
Special Feature Lightweight Design, Magnetic
Material Polycarbonate
Form Factor Back Cover

About this item

  • Slim and lightweight composition for easy use and portability.
  • Minimal style made to retain the charger's original design.
  • Made of impact-resistant polycarbonate for scratch and drop protection.
  • Non-skid silicone lining is safe to use on tabletops and counters.
  • Easy to remove and install. Charger not included.

Product Description

Make your charger last with the perfect case from Ringke.

Ringke Slim is made from polycarbonate to remain lightweight and slim, so you can simultaneously use your device and charge it without being weighed down by your accessory. The soft edges and smooth surface prevents the case from scratching the smartphone or its accompanying accessories.

Polycarbonate is hard and durable to withstand impact and evenly disperse shock upon drops to minimize the damage taken directly by the charger. The hard shell also protects against scratches and bumps that might degrade the clean aesthetic of the charger puck. There are also no worries about discoloration or moisture retention.

The solid design and craftsmanship provide a sleek and refined finish to the MagSafe charger's innovative construction for an eye-catching, minimal style. Choose the color that best fits your style and personality for all-around protection for your charger.

Soft anti-skid silicone lining on the bottom of the case prevents your phone and charger from sliding on a flat tabletop. The enhanced stability protects your device from falling off the edge of high counters and tables.

Installation Guide

1. Clean your charger of any dust and debris.

2. Gently fit the charger into the case until the edges are flush.

Removal Guide

1. Flip the charger to the back.

2. Using a finger or blunt tool, push the case out through the removal hole in the center.

Ringke Slim compatible with the MagSafe Charger is designed to protect the charger while keeping it running at 100% capacity. *Charger not included with purchase.*

magsafe case
magsafe case
magsafe case

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