Ringke Pen Holder [3 Pack] for Apple Pencil, Journal, Notebooks, and More - 3M Self Adhesive PU Leather Durable Pen Loop with Elastic


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Product Description

Always be Prepared

Inspiration strikes when you least expect it. In this digital age of smartphones and tablets, there is still a need and desire for the scratch of pen against paper. Make sure you're always prepared by sticking on a Ringke Pen Holder on your favorite journal or planner. It is also compatible for the Apple Pencil for digital writers. One order comes with 3 pen holders for all occasions.

Simple Style

The faux black leather body of the adhesive piece is a stylish accessory that both augments and complements the item it is attached to, whether that be a journal, a tablet, the wall, or anything else you want. Have people ask you "What is that?" and "Where'd you get it?" whenever they ask to borrow a pen. Be the one everyone relies on to be ready for whatever life throws at you.

Tough Build

Ringke guarantees the quality of our products. Each pen holder is diligently built to be long-lasting and will reliably hold your pen, pencil, or stylus without fear of losing it. The matching black elastic is knitted for extra stretch and recovery, retaining its structure even after multiple uses for maximum safety.

Strong Adhesive Grip

The 3M adhesive on the back covers the adhesive piece from top-to-bottom. Boasting a powerful 200MP adhesion to make sure it stays exactly where you put it. For best results, please make sure to attach the adhesive piece to a flat and smooth surface that has been cleaned free of dust and debris.

Suitable for Anyone

Students should always be ready for test, doctors will need to fill patient charts quickly, and artists need to capture that striking moment before it passes. These are all situations that would be ruined without a writing tool. Ringke Pen Holder makes sure you’re never faced with this worst case scenario by making sure you always have your favorite pen, pencil, or stylus at your side.

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