Ringke Mini Cross Bag Stadium Approved Transparent PVC Sling Crossbody Purse - Clear


Rs. 2,999 Rs. 3,399


  • Everyday bag to wear over your shoulder or across your body. It holds all your belongings, including your smartphone, keys, passport, wallet, portable battery, and more!
  • Perfect for airports, concerts, and sports games with stadium-approved design and size.
  • Easy to wear and remove with a durable side-release buckle on the end of the strap.
  • Made with high-quality clear PVC that doesn't stick to skin or fog up in any weather.
  • Dimensions are as follows: Bag - 215 x 135 x 35mm / Strap - (L)1,220 x (W)30mm


Product Description

Your Everyday Carry

Keep your valuables safe and close.

Ringke Mini Cross Bag in Clear is the ideal size for a non-obtrusive, minimal crossbody bag that can store your essentials safely and efficiently.

The perfect size and shape for a tasteful, yet modest accessory to fit any outfit regardless of color or pattern.

This bag fits all your smaller personal belongings such as your smartphone, wallet, passport, and keys without any issues, so you can simply grab the Ringke Mini Cross Bag and go!

Ultra Clear Bag

The clear body of the bag is made of 100% Polyvinyl Chloride, which is a soft and flexible material.

The Ringke Mini Cross Bag Clear is stabilized to prevent from uncomfortably sticking to bare skin as some clear bags are likely to do.

It will also retain its transparency and resists clouding or fogging against humidity and moisture.

Easily give your bag a personal touch by storing your favorite and most colorful belongings that'll shine through the transparent layer.

Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Wear it as a shoulder bag or a crossbody bag! The black shoulder strap is made of polyurethane that is soft and gentle against the skin, so it's easy to wear and won't cause undue harm.

The adjustable strap has a maximum length of 1,220 mm so you can wear it in any way you want.

For ease and comfort, the Ringke Mini Cross Bag Clear can be quickly worn or removed via the side-release buckle on one end of the strap.


Ringke Mini Cross Bag Clear complies with Stadium Bag Policies for faster security checks. (Please double-check requirements of the venue)

The measurements of the Mini Cross Bag are 8.5 x 5.3 x 1.4 inches.

Enjoy concerts and football games with your favorite entertainers and sports teams without hassle!

mini cross bag
mini cross bag
mini cross bag

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