Ringke Lanyard Wrist Strap Compatible with Cellphone, Phone Cases, Keys, Cameras & ID MP3 QuickCatch Adjustable String [6 Pack]


Rs. 1,099 Rs. 1,499


Colour:Assorted Colors (6-Pack)

Ringke Wrist Strap Lanyard

Features (Product details)
- Multiuse wrist strap lanyard : Compatible with any electronic accessories (smartphones, digital cameras...)
- Keep your device safe and handy.
- Easy to adjust length with a wristband holder
- Made with same material as the parachute cord with internal core strands
- Multiple colors and patterns available - Add your own style!

- Ringke Wrist Strap Lanyard may wrinkle or twist due to material. Hand adjustment may be required for smoothen the strap.
- Spinning a device with the strap or pulling it strongly may break the strap. Damages caused by customers and normal wear and tear will not be covered under warranty.
- Do not use on products over 300g. It may cause damages.
- Depending on lifestyle, abrasion may occur. Please check the strap condition.

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