Ringke Fusion Plus with Outstanding [Combo Pack] Transparent Back iPad Pro 12.9" Case with Attached Pencil Holder with Stand Spring-Action Kickstand - Clear & Light Gray


Rs. 2,999 Rs. 3,399


redmi note 10 pro case back cover

Designed for Efficiency
Ringke Fusion Plus provides superior performance with a minimal design. Easily access and use all ports and buttons without hassle.

Double Air Pocket Technology
Innovative Double Air Pocket Technology adds two bumpers on the top and bottom of the case to evenly divide impact force. The hollow center is fenced in by raised edges on both sides to prevent drop shock from directly striking the device.

Ergonomic Design
Ringke Outstanding for tablet computers is a clean, streamlined design with only what you need to have the best tablet kickstand experience. Consists of three main parts with the base, stand, and hinge. Each part supports the other to create a sturdy, portable tablet stand.

Easy to Use
Use it with one hand. Open the stand to your desired angle and gently push the support pedestal into one of the seven notched grooves to hold it in place. To fold, lift the stand to pull the pedestal out of the notch and allow the Outstanding to automatically fold itself via the torsion spring design. Semi-automatic action is zero hassle and amazingly convenient.

Angle Adjustment
Set to the following multi-angle: 23°, 35°, 45°, 53°, 60, 66°, 72°.

1. Before installation, check the Size & Layout Guide to find the best placement for your tablet size.
2. Only use the Outstanding with a case. Wipe down the back of your case to remove all dust and smudges.
3. Take off the backing paper from the adhesive and attach the Outstanding to the case with the silicone pad facing the direction of the camera hole.
4. Press firmly on all sides. Allow the adhesive to set for 24-hours for best results.

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