Ringke Folio Signature Standard Compatible with Galaxy Z Fold 2 Case - Black


Rs. 3,099 Rs. 4,599


Style like this isn't easy to come by.

Ringke Folio Signature (Standard) for the Galaxy Z Fold 2: crafted from long-lasting, vegan-friendly polyurethane leather for upscale fashion and dependable protection.

PU leather is lightweight and soft, keeping your device effortless to hold and use in your hand. The pebbled, water-resistant surface lets your wipe off any smudges and imperfections from the covering without any unsightly peeling or cracking.

Cases need to be protective! Ringke Folio Signature provides duo-layer protection with the durable leather cover and hard polycarbonate Ringke Slim shell.

The front screen is shielded for a full-coverage barrier against drops, bumps, and scratches. It is kept in place by powerful magnets to ensure it does not fall off while the device is opened or closed.

The two pieces work together in tandem to be the best high-fashion protective case.

Make your life easy. Keep your belongings safe and close by storing cards, cash, and other essentials in the secret pocket inside the front cover. Ringke Folio Signature reinforces the security of your device and your things without question.

How to install

1. Remove the plastic film from the non-slip pad on the Slim case.

2. Insert the device into the Slim case

3. Close the front cover and check the magnet position.

galaxy z fold 2 case
galaxy z fold 2 case
galaxy z fold 2 case

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