Ringke Easy Flex Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Screen Protector - 2 Pack


Rs. 1,099 Rs. 1,599


Wet Installation Method
1. Fill the included spray bottle with purified water.
2. Make sure your device screen is completely clean.
3. Spray water on your fingers and remove the protective film.
4. Thoroughly wet the adhesive side of the Easy Flex.
5. Place the Easy Flex onto the device and spray more water on top.
6. Use the squeegee to push out all excess water.
**Allow up to 48 hours for all moisture and bubbles to disappear.

High Elasticity Ringke Easy Flex is made from elastomeric polyurethane, a super flexible and cushioning material. It is perfect for absorbing impact shock and resists tearing to provide long-lasting, reliable screen protection. EPU is easy to use with quick response and feels great to drag your finger across the screen.

Invisible Fit
Why ruin the aesthetics of your device by adding a heavy glass screen protector? Make your protection invisible and lightweight. The Ringke Easy Flex EPU Film is an imperceptible layer of added security to keep your smartwatch screen sparkling clean and scratch-free.

High Quality
Experience a case-friendly design that fits most cases while retaining a bubble-free finish for long-lasting performance. The Easy Flex is designed with an impressive HD quality and made for the best optical performance of your display, so you can enjoy protection against scratches without losing image quality.

Package Includes
2 - Easy Flex Screen Protector / Wet & Dry Wipes / 1 - Squeegee Card / Dust Removal Tape / 1 - Reusable Spray Bottle.

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