Ringke Dual Easy Film [2 Pack] Designed for LG V50 ThinQ 5G Screen Protector 6.4" (2019)


Rs. 999 Rs. 1,399


Simply follow the tab!
1. Remove Tab 1 and align the screen protector to your device.
2. Lift Tab 2, and begin to gently swipe the included squeegee across the upper screen. Smooth out all air bubbles while removing Tab 2 at the same time. This will also pick up any leftover dust on your screen.
3. Similarly to Step 2, remove Tab 3 and gently slide the squeegee across the rest of the screen from top to bottom to firmly affix the screen protector to the phone screen.
4. Remove Tab 4 and use the included alcohol wipe to thoroughly clean the screen and give it a premium finish.

*NOTE: Small air bubbles naturally disperse within 24-72 hours.

Invisible Fit
Why ruin the aesthetic of your device by adding an awkward screen protector to it? Make your protection invisible and unyielding. The Dual Easy Full Coverage Screen Protector is an imperceptible layer of added security to keep your phone screen sparkling and scratch-free.

Full Adhesive Screen
Ringke Dual Easy Film Screen Protector is fully adhesive from top-to-bottom for a seamless bond. The full adhesion allows the screen protector to tightly hold onto the phone and gives genuine touch responsiveness.

High Quality
Experience a case friendly design that perfectly fits most cases and retains a bubble-free finish for long-lasting use. Designed with an impressive clear HD quality and made for the best optical performance of your display in mind, you can enjoy protection against scratches without losing any of the image quality and keeping all the beautiful colors as well as the natural display sensitivity of your new device.

Package Includes
2 - Dual Easy Full Coverage Screen Protector 1 - Lens & Screen Cleaning Wipe 1 - Squeegee Card 1- Fiber Cloth.

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