Ringke Camera Protector Glass [3 Pack] Compatible with Samsung Galaxy A13 4G , 5G Transparent HD Clear Full Adhesive Hard Tempered Glass Camera Lens Protector


Size: A13 4G [3 Pack]
Rs. 1,099 Rs. 1,499


  • Compatibility : Samsung Galaxy A13 4G , 5G
  • Shield your rear camera lens with a full-coverage glass protector.
  • 5-Layer coating enhances efficiency and durability without adding extra bulk.
  • Easy-to-install via clear adhesive for maximum transparency.
  • Take clean pictures and videos through super-clear glass with zero flash interference.

Product description

Protect your camera against scratches and drops with the ultra-thin, full-cover Ringke Camera Protector Glass.
The full-coverage protector is layered with five high-quality materials for maximum strength and performance.
The solid glass surface, OCA adhesive, acrylic plate, AB film, and clear adhesive base compound constructs a slim and lightweight camera shell that also provides shatter-resistant safeguard and bubble-free installation.
Created with cutting-edge CNC Machinery processing to ensure a precise, case-friendly fit each time.
The glass camera protector is designed to allow the complete usage of all camera settings, including wide & ultra-wide cameras, portrait mode, panorama, night mode, and more.
The black outline around the camera lens and the uncovered flash prevents a diffuse reflection so you can capture full HD-quality images and videos without any blur and interference.
The Ringke Camera Protector Glass’s see-through design is perfect for any color phone to retain natural and modern look.

What is in the box?

  • Screen protector
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