Ringke Cable Organizer [4 Pack] Clips Management TPU Silicone Adhesive Wire Holder Accessory for Power Cords, Home, Office, Cubicle, Headphone, Car


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Product Description

Ringke Cable Organizer

Perfect for Organization - How much time in your life is wasted untangling cords? Get everything neatly arranged and packed away using Ringke Cable Organizer. In a world overflowing with new technology, these cord organizers will make sure your living space doesn't look like a safety hazard come to life. Manage all the things in your life, from computer cables, guitar cables, TV cables, and more!

Durable Silicone - Silicone is a long-lasting and resilient material that lets you reliably hold onto most cord sizes without being stretched out, snapping right back into its original shape after use. The soft and flexible feel of this desktop organizer is non-damaging to cables and is also anti-wear and repels blunt force.

Reliable Design - The compact and nonobtrusive design of this organizer is perfect for attaching onto any flat surface. The 3M adhesive on the back is cushioned to avoid damaging desktops, nightstands, or other valuable items. The three separate slots keep cords at a distance away from each other to avoid being mixed up. The slot sizes are identical 0.7mm diameter holes, which is the perfect size for standard cables.

Multiple Uses - Maybe you live a simple life, and you don't have that many cords that need cleaning up. Who says you had to stop at power cables or speaker cables? Use this incredibly convenient product as a toothbrush holder, pen holder, and whatever else!

Comes in a pack of 4! Get one of each color and find the perfect color-coordinated organization system that will help you know where everything is at all times! Attach this product onto a flat and clean surface. Please wait 24 hours before use to allow full adhesion.

cable organizer
cable organizer

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