Ringke Bezel Styling for Galaxy Watch 3 41mm Bezel Ring Adhesive Cover Anti Scratch Aluminum Protection for Galaxy Watch 3 41mm Accessory


Rs. 1,399 Rs. 1,999


Exquisite Style.

Everyone is unique. Show off your one-of-a-kind sense of identity through your smartwatch by dressing it with an equally unparalleled and elegant Ringke Bezel Styling. Create a sense of self and Make Your Style.

High-Class Quality

Make your smartwatch as good as new! Ringke Bezel Styling invents a whole new look for your watch and your sense of style.

Full Cover Protection

Ringke Bezel Styling Full Cover completely envelopes the rotating bezel from top to bottom, making it the ultimate protective cover for the Galaxy Watch rotating ring. The edges are bent to cover the bezel edges for a smooth, uniform look. Transform your smartwatch into a high-end dive watch that can handle just about anything!

Clean Fit

The strong adhesive ensures a safe and easy attachment of the Bezel Styling to your watch's rotating bezel without hurting the watch. This simple connection keeps the natural revolution of the watch face smooth and effortless. Cover up already existing scratches and prevent the formation of new ones!

How to Install

Make sure your uncovered smartwatch bezel is clean of oil and dust. Gently remove the adhesive protective film. Carefully align the Bezel Styling with the ring around the watch face. Take your time, there's no rush!

To remove:

Carefully insert a corner of the Removal Pick between the Bezel Styling and rotating bezel. Do a full circle around the watch to loosen the adhesive. After sufficiently weakening the adhesive, lever the pick to pull the Bezel styling off the watch.

galaxy watch 3 case
galaxy watch 3 41mm bezel styling
galaxy watch 3 41mm bezel styling

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