Ringke Power Clip Car Mount (Air Vent + Dashboard)


Rs. 1,799 Rs. 2,699


  • Unobtrusive Design - Designed to be placed at a safe distance from the air vent to avoid disturbance of airflow, and it can keep the temperature change from affecting your mobile device. The inner clip is protected with TPU material that can prevent major damages on the vent.
  • 360° Total Rotation - The double knob technology on this car mount offer a variety of viewing angles. The viewing experience can always differ depending on your mood, physical condition, and outside restrictions. Ringke Power Clip Wing allows you to meet your needs in any circumstance by giving you full control.
  • Powerful Magnet - The large and powerful magnet snaps any metal plate or case to itself for a sturdy and dependable hold onto your device, making sure you can use your device hands free and without interruption. Please note that magnetic strength is best amplified against a flat surface.
  • Easy Installation - All the parts are straightforward: Simply interlock the ball-joints into their respective sockets and tighten the angle adjusting screws after positioning each part in the angle you desire. Lastly, gently insert the holding clip onto an air vent panel and tighten until it stays firmly in place.
  • Please Read! - A metal plate on the back of your device may interfere with wireless charging. Please make sure the metal plate is removed, along with the case if attached to it, or position the metal plate away from the battery portion of the device for a smooth, uninterrupted charge.

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