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Magnetic Side Slot Card Holder

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Product description
Brand Ringke
Colour Multi colours
Material Polycarbonate
Style Minimalist
Special Feature Lightweight, RFID-Blocking, 3 Card Storage, Magnetic Card Holder

About this item

  • Slim, lightweight MagSafe compatible cardholder with a horizontal opening to securely hold up to 3 cards at a time
  • The perfect size for credit cards, ID cards, business cards, metro cards, and more! Card reader compatible for quick scan-and-go
  • Made with long-lasting, durable polycarbonate and soft non-slip inner lining that holds in the 38-piece MagSafe magnets
  • Secure staircase design prevents accidental loss and the safety side-railings prevent scratches on your card and device
  • Use with MagSafe cases only! Securely attaches to your smartphone via innovative MagSafe magnets for effortless installation and removal whenever you need it

Product Description for Magnetic Slot Card Holder

Ringke Magnetic Side Slot Card Holder minimizes your pocket weight to help you get ready quickly and get going in a flash with all your essentials.
The cardholder's slim design adds zero bulk and is lightweight for easy portability, fitting perfectly in your pocket without snagging on your clothes.

The minimal design is the perfect accessory for any smartphone design and color.
The slim 3-layer design consists of the polycarbonate cardholder component, 38-piece magnets, and a soft slip-resistant lining.
The high-quality polycarbonate is precisely designed to fit up to three of your favorite cards, ranging from credit chips, identification cards, metro passes, and more! Please take care as overloading with too many cards may damage the product.

Make the most use of your MagSafe smartphone and accessories.
Ringke Magnetic Side Slot Card Holder requires no adhesive. Simply snap it onto the back of your phone and let the MagSafe work its magic!
Wireless charging is also easy. Just slide off the card holder from the back of your case and replace it with your charger.

A soft layer of silicone preserves your smartphone or case from scuffs made from the hard, plastic edges of other brand cardholders. Stay confident knowing where your cards are at all times as the super-powerful magnets secure tightly to your device without sliding off.
Your credit cards are safe and shielded from the magnets when they are placed correctly into the Magnetic Side Slot Card Holder.

1. Please refrain from overloading as it may damage the product.
2. Ringke Magnetic Side Slot Card Holder is ONLY compatible with devices with MagSafe and cases with MagSafe function.
3. Do not remove or separate the parts of the product.
4. Purchase of the Ringke Magnetic Side Slot Card Holder does not include a Ringke Case.

What is in the box?
Magnetic Slot Card Holder

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Magnetic Slot Card Holder for Phone Cases 

1: What is a magnetic slot card holder for phone cases?  
A magnetic slot card holder is a small accessory designed to attach to the back of a phone case. It includes a slot or pocket where you can store cards, such as credit cards, ID cards, or cash. The holder typically utilizes magnets to securely attach to the phone case, providing a convenient way to carry essential cards without the need for a separate wallet. 

2: Will the magnetic slot card holder work with any phone case?  
Most magnetic slot card holders are designed to be compatible with a wide range of phone cases, especially those with smooth, flat surfaces. However, it's essential to check the product specifications or reviews to ensure it is compatible with your specific phone case model. 

3: How many cards can I fit in the magnetic slot holder?  
The number of cards a magnetic slot holder can accommodate depends on the specific design and size of the holder. Some holders can hold one to two cards, while others might have space for up to four or more. It's crucial to check the product description or packaging to determine the capacity of the holder. 

4: Can I use wireless charging with the magnetic slot card holder attached to my phone case? The compatibility of wireless charging with a magnetic slot card holder depends on the specific design and positioning of the magnets. Some magnetic holders are wireless charging-friendly, meaning you can use wireless charging without removing the holder. However, others might interfere with wireless charging, requiring you to detach the holder before charging wirelessly. Always verify the product details to ensure it's compatible with wireless charging. 

5: Will the magnetic slot card holder securely hold my cards?  
Magnetic slot card holders are generally designed to provide a secure grip on your cards, preventing them from slipping out accidentally. However, it's essential to handle the holder carefully and make sure the cards fit snugly inside the slot. Some holders also come with additional security features like a flap or cover to protect the cards further. 

6: Can I use the magnetic slot card holder on the back of my phone directly? While some people might use magnetic slot card holders directly on the back of their phones, it's not advisable. The adhesive used in the holder might damage the phone's back or interfere with its wireless charging capabilities. It's recommended to attach the holder to a phone case rather than the phone itself. 


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