iPhone 15 Plus Back Cover case - Buy iPhone 15 Plus Magsafe Case | Onyx Magnetic - Black

iPhone 15 Plus Back Cover case | Onyx Magnetic - Black

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Product description
Brand Ringke
Colour Black
Form Factor Bumper
Compatible Phone Models IPhone 15 Plus 6.7 Inch
Material TPU


About this item

  • Compatibility : iPhone 15 Plus
  • Tough, protection case with enhanced grip and built-in magnetic ring for the iPhone 15 Plus.
  • The inner magnetic ring boosts connectivity for full usage of MagSafe-compatible chargers and accessories.
  • Slim & lightweight TPU material defends against impact and scratches from everyday use with an anti-fingerprint granulate texture.
Lanyard holes on each side of the device allow for the usage of accessories such as hand straps, wrist lanyards, and phone charms. (Additional accessories not included)

Product Description for iPhone 15 Plus Magnetic Case

What do you get when you fuse our fan-favorite Onyx case with a magnetic ring? A rugged, protection case that's top-notch in both style and functionality!

Ringke Onyx Magnetic has a hidden magnetic ring inside the case that boosts the attachment power of MagSafe-compatible chargers and accessories for full usage of the iPhone 15 Plus's unique magnetic features!

The Ringke Onyx Magnetic is made of a high-quality, flexible TPU material for heavy-duty defense, and it is precisely cut to retain the slim, streamlined build of your smartphone while adding a tough, resilient protective layer that contours closely along all edges and curves of your device.

The TPU material is specialized to secure your device in its flexible fit for optimized protection against scratches and scuffs from daily use.
A mini circular emboss pattern runs along the sides of the case to enhance the grip of your phone and prevent accidental drops.
The back of the case has a fingerprint-resistant matte texture that feels soft against the skin for comfortable, extended device use.

A slim raised front lip also protects your screen from touching a flat surface when placed face down, and the rear camera bezels are covered to keep off scratches while letting you take high-quality shots.

What is in the box?

iPhone 15 Plus Magnetic Case

FAQs for iPhone 15 Plus Magsafe Case:

  1. What is an iPhone 15 Plus Magsafe Case?
    An iPhone 15 Plus Magnetic Case is a Plus protective case designed to attach securely to the back of a smartphone using magnets. It allows for easy attachment to magnetic surfaces or accessories, Plus viding convenience for hands-free use and mounting. 
  2. How does an iPhone 15 Plus Magnetic Case cover work?
    The case contains metal plates or built-in magnets that adhere to corresponding magnets in compatible magnetic mounts or accessories, creating a secure connection.
  3. Are iPhone 15 Plus Magsafe cases compatible with all smartphones?
    iPhone 15 Plus  Magsafe cases are typically designed for specific smartphone models or brands. Ensure you choose a cover that matches your phone's make and model for Plus per fit and functionality.
  4. Does an iPhone 15 Plus Magsafe Case affect wireless charging?
    iPhone 15 Plus  Magsafe case may interfere with wireless charging. Check for wireless charging compatibility before purchasing a magnetic case if wireless charging is essential for you. 
  5. Are iPhone 15 Plus Magsafe cases secure?
    When correctly designed and fitted, iPhone Magsafe cases are secure and shouldn't easily detach during regular use. However, it's essential to use reputable and well-reviewed Plus ducts for reliability. 
  6. Can I use an iPhone 15 Plus Magnetic Case with other phone accessories?
    Yes, iPhone 15 magnetic Cases are often compatible with various magnetic accessories, such as car mounts, stands, and holders, offering additional convenience.
  7. Does the magnetic iPhone 15 Plus Magsafe case affect phone signal reception or functionality?
    iPhone 15 Plus  Magsafe cases are designed to avoid interference with phone signals or functionality. However, it's advisable to purchase Plus ducts from reputable brands to minimize any potential issues.
  8. Are iPhone 15 Plus Magsafe case Plus Protective?
    iPhone 15 Magnetic case comes in various designs and materials, offering different levels of Plus tection against scratches, bumps, and drops. Choose a case that provides adequate Plus Protection for your device.
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