Why Choosing the Right Tempered Glass Matters: Top 5 Picks for Your Sm
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Why Choosing the Right Tempered Glass Matters: Top 5 Picks for Your Smartphone from Ringke India

We live in a world where almost everyone has a smartphone, and many of us use our phones for everything from work to entertainment. With how much we use our phones, it’s no wonder that they can get scratched, dinged, and cracked. That’s why it’s important to have a good screen protector. 

A tempered glass screen protector is one of the best ways to protect your phone’s screen. It’s made of strong, shatter-resistant glass that will help protect your screen from scratches, cracks, and other damage. 

In this article, we’ll show you the 5 best tempered glass screen protectors that are currently available in India. 


iPhone 14 Series Privacy Screen Protector 

Ringke iPhone 14 Series Privacy Tempered Glass protects both your phone and personal information in one! 

Curious gazes are effectively blocked as the screen gets more obscure when viewed from an angle. 

Only you can distinctly see your screen while looking at it straight-on. Visibility is drastically reduced starting from a side angle of 28° and is completely blacked out at an angle of 40°. 

When you want to share your screen with people, hold your phone horizontally to cancel out the privacy effect. 

The innovative 5-Layer Construction of the Ringke Privacy Tempered Glass is designed to provide an optimal user experience!



S23 Series Privacy Screen Protector 


The Ringke S23 Series Privacy Tempered Glass screen protector blocks curious gazes and obscures the screen when viewed from an angle. It has a 5-layer construction with an oleophobic coating for fingerprint resistance and a 9H hardness rating for scratch protection. The polarizing film sheet controls the amount of light displayed, while the clear silicone-based adhesive ensures bubble-free installation and smooth touchscreen response. The screen protector is optimized for HD optical performance. 


Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Tempered Glass: 

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Tempered Glass adds a virtually invisible layer of protection to safeguard the screen of your phone from getting dirty or scratched. 

 For a smooth bond, the Full Adhesive Screen Ringke Dual Easy Film Screen Protector is totally adhesive from top to bottom.  

The S22 Ultra Tempered Glass may be firmly attached to the phone for authentic touch response thanks to the full adhesion. 

High Quality Enjoy a case-friendly design that fits most cases and keeps a finish free of bubbles for enduring performance.  

The Dual Easy Film S22 Ultra Tempered Glass is produced with the highest optical performance for your display and is designed with an exceptional HD quality, so you may benefit from protection from 

Pixel 7 Pro Tempered Glass 

Pixel 7 Pro Tempered Glass is lightweight and imperceptible while providing added security against scratches. The Dual Easy Film Full Coverage Screen Protector is an imperceptible layer of added security to keep your phone screen sparkling and scratch-free. This fully adhesive screen protector ensures genuine touch responsiveness by tightly adhering to your phone from top-to-bottom. Its case-friendly design fits most cases and maintains a bubble-free finish for long-lasting performance. The HD quality of the Dual Easy Film preserves your display's natural sensitivity and image quality, making it the ideal choice for those seeking the best optical performance. 


Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Screen Protector 

The Ringke S21 FE Tempered Glass provides 9H Hardness surface rating protection with a clear coating that enhances its oleophobic and hydrophobic properties to keep your screen safe. 

This slim, real tempered glass protective design boasts rounded 2.5D edges that contour precisely to your display and align with your screen for comfortable use. Crafted with comfort and the highest quality tempered glass, this screen protector offers real-time response on your HD display. 

Enjoy a case-friendly design that fits most cases and retains a bubble-free finish for long-lasting use.  

To sum up, the Ringke India team narrows it down to the top 5 tempered glass screen protectors. They are all thin, anti-fingerprint, and anti- glare with an oleophobic or hydrophobic coatings. The top pick is based on several key factors such as durability against drops, price, and reviews. Choose your Tempered Glass based on your Brand and Model from Tempered Glass Collections 

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