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iPhone 15

Back Cover Case Collection

iPhone 15 Series National Geographic Back Cover Case

Collections bring a fusion of style and durability inspired by the wonders of

nature and exploration. Crafted with premium materials, each case is a

testament to National Geographic's legacy of adventure and discovery.

collection boasts a range of designs,

capturing breathtaking landscapes, wildlife, and elements of the natural world.

From vibrant jungles to serene oceans, each case invites users to carry a piece

of the planet's beauty with them.

The cases
are engineered with a perfect blend

of protection and elegance, ensuring a snug fit for your iPhone 15 Series while

safeguarding it against everyday wear and tear. The precision-cut ports offer

easy access to buttons and functions without compromising on safety.

these cases are designed to be

eco-friendly, incorporating sustainable materials in line with National

commitment to conservation. Each purchase contributes to National Geographic's

dedicated to preserving our environment and wildlife.

you're an avid traveler, nature

enthusiast, or simply appreciate exquisite design, the iPhone 15 Series National

Back Cover Case Collection is a tribute to exploration, encapsulating the

spirit of adventure while safeguarding your device in style.  



iPhone 15 Back Cover Case (NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC)

There are
various types of iPhones 15 back

covers available in the market to suit different preferences and needs. Here

are some common types:  

Palette Colour Cases:

The National Geographic Palette

Color Case is a sleek and vibrant iPhone accessory that combines stylish hues

inspired by nature with durable protection. These cases offer a range of

captivating colors reminiscent of the natural world, providing a slim and

form-fitting design while safeguarding your phone from everyday wear and tear.

2. Soft Cases:  

The National Geographic Soft Case is a flexible and lightweight iPhone

accessory that offers a balance of style and protection. Made with soft and

durable materials, these cases provide a snug fit for your phone while

safeguarding it from scratches and minor impacts in a sleek and minimalist


Magsafe Clear Cases:

The National Geographic MagSafe Clear Case is a transparent and sleek iPhone

accessory designed with MagSafe compatibility. It offers a minimalist yet

protective cover for your phone, showcasing its original design while allowing

for MagSafe functionality and secure attachment of accessories.

4. Metal Deco Hard Shell Cases:

The National Geographic Metal Deco Hard
Shell Case is

a stylish and sturdy iPhone accessory crafted with a metallic finish and

durable materials. This sleek case provides reliable protection against

everyday bumps and scratches while adding a touch of elegance to your device

with its sophisticated design.

5. Strap Cases:


The National Geographic Strap Case is a versatile iPhone accessory
featuring a

functional strap for added convenience. This case combines stylish protection

with a detachable strap, allowing for easy carrying and hands-free use while

showcasing National Geographic's commitment to both practicality and design.


These are
just a few examples of the types of

iPhone 15 covers available in the market. Each type offers its own set of

features, materials, and levels of protection, allowing users to choose based

on their preferences for style, functionality, and device safeguarding. 


FAQ for

iPhone 15 Back Cover Case  

1. How
effective is the National Geographic iPhone 15 Back

Case in protecting against drops and impacts?

The National
Geographic iPhone 15 Case is a great way to

protect your iPhone from drops and impacts. This iPhone 15 case is made of

tough, durable materials that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. The case

also has a good grip that will keep your phone from slipping out of your


2. How
easy is it to install and remove the Nat

Geo iPhone 15 Back Case?

The National
Geographic iPhone 15 Case is designed for

easy installation and removal. It features a Snap-On design, allowing you to

easily secure and remove the case without any hassle.    

3. Can I
access all the buttons and ports with

the iPhone 15 Back case?

Yes, National
Geographic’s iPhone 15 Case provides precise

cutouts for buttons, ports, speakers, and other features. You can conveniently

access and use all the buttons and ports without any obstruction.  

4. Is the
National Geographic iPhone 15 Back Cover

compatible with wireless charging?

Yes, National
Geographic iPhone 15 cover is designed to be

compatible with wireless charging. You can conveniently charge your iPhone

wirelessly without needing to remove the iPhone 15


5. Does
the National Geographic iPhone 15 Back cover add

bulk or maintain the slim profile of the phone?

The National
Geographic iPhone 15 cover is designed to

provide protection while maintaining a slim profile. It is crafted to be slim

and lightweight, adding minimal bulk to your device while offering adequate


6. What
is the cost of iPhone 15 case?

When it
comes to purchasing an iPhone 15 case,

there is a wide range of options available, each with their own unique

qualities and varying price points. One of the main factors that affects the

cost of an iPhone 15 case is the brand, material, design. 

Does the material of the iPhone

15 case affect its cost?

- Yes,
the material used to make an iPhone 15

case can have an impact on its cost. Cases made from premium materials like

genuine leather or high-quality metal tend to be more expensive than those made

from plastic or silicone. 

What is the benefits of using an

iPhone 15 back cover?

Using an
iPhone 15 back cover provides

protection against drops, scratches, and everyday wear and tear, preserving the

phone's condition and longevity. Additionally, it can improve grip, reducing

the risk of accidental slips and drops. Certain cases may also offer additional

features such as built-in stands or wallet functionalities for added


Where can I buy iPhone 15

mobile covers online?

You can
purchase iPhone 15 mobile covers from Ringke India's official website. They
offer a diverse range of covers that provide

durability, high quality, affordability, and style. By choosing National
Geographic, you

can ensure the protection and style enhancement of your new iPhone 15. Simply

visit their website to explore their selection and make a purchase that suits

your preferences.  

How much does the design of an

iPhone 15 case influence its price? 

design of an iPhone 15 case can play a

role in determining its cost. Cases with unique patterns, prints, or custom

designs may come at a higher price compared to simpler, plain-coloured ones.

Additionally, limited edition or collaboration cases may also have a higher

price tag due to their exclusivity. 

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