Ringke Samsung Galaxy S10e Wallet Case (Navy & Brown)


Color: BLACK & RED
Rs. 2,099 Rs. 3,099


All-Purpose Case for your Phone
Weighed down by all of life's responsibilities and baggage placed onto your shoulders? Lessen the burden you have to carry by singling it all down into a single phone case. Ringke Wallet provides all you need: Your Wallet, Your Phone, and Your Hands. Experience the freedom that accompanies Ringke Wallet for your Samsung Galaxy S10e (5.8").

Stunning Colors and Marvelous Design
The two-tone contrast provides an extraordinary and visually-appealing arrangement. The front magnet clasp keeps the wallet cover closed when not in use, and you can even hold calls via the speak cutout in the front without opening the case. The impeccable camera cutout makes taking photos as easy as Say Cheese!

Safety and Protection in One
Beauty and Strength go hand-in-hand. The built-in Ringke Onyx case is made with a highly durable TPU material that provides shock-absorbing security for your device. Utilize the QuikCatch lanyard hole installed on the side of the inner case. The heat-dispensing pattern on the inside keeps your phone from overheating while in use. The wallet cover provides an extra layer of protection by shielding your screen from scratches.

Easy-Viewing Angle Stand
Turn your phone case into a stand for a user-friendly hands-free view. Simply detach the inner hook-and-loop fastener and place the freed edge of the case onto the side with the wallet slots. The TPU against PU Leather will keep the phone from sliding, so choose your perfect angle and watch your phone in comfort.

Just the Necessities
Ringke Wallet has three card slots that can carry 1-2 cards in each slot. Underneath is a larger pocket where you can fit extra cash, receipts, your house key, and more! Leave the house with just what you need and keep your mind worry-free. You know you have everything you need in your hand, thanks to Ringke Wallet case.

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