Ringke Square Ring Design 360° Rotation Grip Holder Light Car Attachment with Kickstand Cell Phone Stand for Mobile Phones


Size: SV
Rs. 1,499 Rs. 1,999


Product description


Travel in style with Ringke Square Ring featuring trendy and fashionable design with BIG functionality!

Make an impact and free your movement by keeping your device on hand in a natural, flexible grip that lets you enjoy activities and reduces risk of accidentally falling or dropping to carry your phone with newfound confidence.

When you’re on the go, the Ringke Square Ring is the ideal attachable accessory offering the super simple way to increase hands free functionality with improved grip range for your mobile phone. Choose your favorite style and accessorize your device with a smart and stylish improvement grip as you stay up-to-date with our selection of the latest styles in chic and new fun designs for your device.

Full 360° swivel and rotation movement gives you the freedom to use as a kickstand to turn and listen to music, watch or stream videos and content at the perfect angle and also enjoy easily standing handsfree view on your desk, tabletop or any flat surface you like. Compatible with all smartphones with flat and untextured backs for ideal fit and secure adhesion onto your device.

Experience the easy-to-use and stylish Ringke Square Ring grip attachment to safely carry and raise up your phone to your preferred angle on most flat surfaces such as the counter, table or desktop at a cafe, home, and workspace for smooth and easy touchscreen usability. Add a lot of fun and comfortable, convenient-to-hold grip to your device or smartphone with multi-functional neat ring accessory anywhere with ease!

Discover the freedom to grab and use your phone comfortably with the added secure grip. Even better, no more accidental face drops while laying down! This useful versatile and stylish mobile accessory adds extra durability to your natural hold by securing your smartphone to your hand in anti-theft and anti-drop hold during everyday use.

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