Ringke Slim Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Case Back Cover


Color: Clear
Rs. 1,499 Rs. 2,199


Ringke Slim Case for iPhone 13 Pro

Add beauty and protection without compromising the natural silhouette of your phone to have the perfect platform of improved texture and lightweight hard frame for reliable protection against bumps and surface contact when laid flat down.
Confidently carry your device with a minimalist profile and slender look that is comfortable to hold in the hand.
The special SF coating on the outside of the case provides extra grip to the case.
Ringke Slim case is separated into two parts for the top and bottom portions, held in place by an anti-slip pad near the edges of the case.
While closed, the hinge is uncovered, revealing the brand mark.
The case pieces together when the phone is open to create a single, completed case.
Feel an instant and direct response from your device via the uncovered buttons, and further customize your phone by adding an accessory with the Quikcatch lanyard hole.
A raised lip protects the front screen, rear panel, and all cameras from touching flat surfaces.
High-quality material engineered from highly durable PC for ultimate coverage.
Indented corners are perfectly fitted to tightly secure the phone inside to prevent moving around.
Lightweight and scratch-resistant construction offer reliable protection against bumps and surface contact when lying flat down.
Please do not remove the inside sticker to ensure the supportive framework of the case.

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