Ringke Silicone Colorful Reusable Holder Strap Organizer Management Cable Tie for Fastening Cords and Wires -15 Pack


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Ringke Silicone Cable Tie

Perfect for Organization - How much time in your life is wasted untangling cords? Get everything neatly arranged and packed away using Ringke Cable Tie. In a world overflowing with new technology, these cord organizers will make sure your living space doesn't look like a safety hazard come to life. Manage all the things in your life, from computer cables, guitar cables, TV cables, and more!

Durable Silicone - Silicone is a soft, yet resilient material that lets you reliably wrap up all manner and sizes of strong cables. The endurance of silicone lets this cable tie be reusable and is anti-wear and anti-tear. Stretch out the cable holder and watch it bounce right back to its original shape without any lasting damage.

Reliable Design - The tail of this cable organizer spans the length of 4.75-inches or 12-centimeters, and you can adjust the size of the loop according to the length and thickness of the cable. Decide upon two eyeholes at different lengths, or you can use both for double the hold! The cute Ringke logo is stamped onto the clip portion of the tie, making sure you know that you are getting an authentic and genuine product.

Multiple Uses - Maybe you live a simple life, and you don't have that many cords that need cleaning up. Who says you had to stop at power cables or speaker cables? Tie the ends of snack bags, keep your hair back, or attach it to your suitcase for a pop of color. The Ringke Cable Tie can be used for so much more!

Comes in a pack of 15 with 5 different colors! Get three of each color and find the perfect color-coordinated organization system that will help you know where everything is at all times!

silicone cable tie
silicone cable tie

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