Ringke Shoulder Strap Designed for Cell Phone Cases, Keys, Cameras & ID QuikCatch Lanyard Adjustable Crossbody String


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Product Description

Ringke Shoulder Strap Lanyard

As phones go expensive, so do our need to protect our devices. Add a heavy-duty lanyard strap to support your smartphone against accidental drops.

Ringke Shoulder Strap Lanyard is made with a soft and durable nylon twill, designed to last against usage and time through expert production and hand-picked quality materials.

The lanyard strap ranges between 40cm and 75cm to accommodate most heights and sizes while being easy to slip on and off. Find the length that fits you best by adjusting it into a length that will let you wear it like a neck strap, crossbody bag, wrist strap, and more.

If the strap ever gets in the way while using your phone, take it off in a second with the quick side-release one-touch buckle that connects the lanyard loop to the strap. You can also trade out the Ringke Shoulder Strap for the Ringke Hand Strap without needing to undo the lanyard string! The same buckle is used for both products, so switch them around for any occasion.

There's no limit to what you can use this on! Utilize this shoulder strap on Mobile Cases, Key Chains, Cameras, GoPros, Game Consoles, USB Flash Drives, and more!

Compatible with any accessories and devices with lanyard access points, hooks, or split rings. Combine Ringke shoulder strap with Ringke phone cases via Quikcatch lanyard hole for a complete look!


- Ringke Shoulder Strap Lanyard may wrinkle or twist due to material. Adjustment by hand may be required to smooth out the strap.

- Spinning a device with the strap or excessive force may break the strap.

- Do not use on products over 300g as it may cause damage.

- Depending on your lifestyle, abrasion may occur on the product. Please keep aware of the strap condition.

shoulder strap
shoulder strap
shoulder strap

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