Ringke Screen Protector Compatible with Apple iPhone 6, 6S Invisible Defender Glass [0.33mm Tempered Glass]


Rs. 999 Rs. 1,399


INVISIBLE DEFENDER GLASS "Maximum Protection Against Everyday Scratches"
Invisible Defender Glass is unique Dual Advantage Technology combines clear quality and quality for Apple iPhone 6 / 6S and
protects your HD Display from unwanted scratches, dust reducing signs of daily wear and tear.
Along with high clear quality, Invisible Defender offers slim glass screen protector
as well as providing scratch resistance properties to protect your device.

Don't sacrifice image quality with enhanced film clear quality for maximum resolution
and our patented TouchTech feature prevents delayed responsiveness for a natural touch.

Compatibility: Apple iPhone 6 / 6S

Rounded Edge
2.5D :Optimal comfort and ergonomic finish

HD Resolution Clear quality
High Definition film ensures maximum resolution for full HD display.

Perfect Fit & Anti-Scratch
Invisible Defender offers perfect fit for display and scratch resistant protection.

INVISIBLE DEFENDER GLASS offers that is easier to clean compared to other screen protectors

Includes: 1 Tempered Glass Screen Protector, 1 Alcohol Wipe, 1 Squeegee Card, 1 Fiber Cloth, Dust Removal Sticker, and Installation Instructions

[Note] Invisible Defender Glass iPhone 6 / 6S screen protectors are designed slightly smaller than the actual screen of the device due to the curved edges of Apple iPhone 6 / 6S. By not covering the curved edges of the devices, it will improve the installation process and prevent films from damage by causing it to lift and allow dusts in between the screen protector and your device. This is due to the nature of iPhone 6 / 6S. All Invisible Defender Glass is under the Ringke Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

All Invisible Defender Glass is under the Ringke Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

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