Ringke Mini Pouch [2-Way Bag Miniature] Nylon Carrying Pouch Small Bag


Color: Beige
Rs. 1,699 Rs. 2,099


About this item

  • Universal Compatibility
  • Store your earphones in a high-quality, miniature pouch with zipper closure
  • Better portability with included carabiner to hang onto bags, keychains, and more.
  • Built-in strap handle enhances user experience and comfort.
  • Durable and waterproof nylon textile provides cushioned protection.

Product Description

Never lose your AirPods Pro again!

Shaped like a miniature backpack, this bag is perfect for storing your earbuds and other small essentials for everyday life.

The Ringke Mini Pouch is the perfect bag case for keeping your life clutter-free and organized.

Just from a glance, you can tell this mini bag surpasses all others.

The Mini Pouch’s durable and dense nylon material keeps off water, provides long-lasting protection against wear-and-tear, and makes a bold fashion statement.

Feel safe and secured with the foolproof zipper clasp, making it easy to open and close your pouch only when you need it to!

All the contents of the pouch are safely cushioned against the smooth nylon lining, effectively removing the dangers of undue scratches and blemishes.

Comes with an extra zipper clasp compartment on the front for more detailed storage management. Ideal for small items such as coins, usb drives, jewelry, etc.

The super-portable petite size fits perfectly in one hand for easy carry and pocket storage. Or go hands-free by using the snap-buckle strap on the back of the pouch.

Fits most backpack straps, purse handles, belts, and more!

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