Ringke Key Ring Strap Compatible with Earbuds, Keys, Cameras & ID QuikCatch Lanyard Adjustable String


Size: Black
Rs. 799 Rs. 1,399


Product Description

Ringke Key Ring Strap, made with soft and durable nylon twill, is designed to last against usage and time through expert production and hand-picked quality materials.

The lanyard strap is 8.5cm long x 2cm wide, for the perfect space-saving and user-friendly size that promotes accessibility without getting in the way or becoming cumbersome.

The finger strap is attached to the keyring by two screws, preventing wear and tear for ensured durability.

The metallic keyring swivels for 360-degree rotation, and the simplistic modern carabiner-style hook is easy to attach and remove by simply pushing the bottom joint.

There are no limits to what this key ring can do. This timeless design is constructed for universal compatibility for any personal possessions, such as key fobs, wallets, AirPods, game consoles, USB flash drives, key chains, and more, providing extra security against drops or theft.

Think outside of the box and attach it to the zipper handle on bags, totes, and jackets and make life easier as well.

The minimalist form complements casual to business styles, and it makes a useful and creative gift for the people you love.

Compatible with any accessories and devices with keychains, hooks, or split ring access points.


- Ringke Key Ring Lanyard may wrinkle or twist due to material. Adjustment by hand may be required to smooth out the strap.

- Spinning a device with the strap or excessive force may break the strap.

- Do not use on products over 300g as it may cause damages.

- Depending on your lifestyle, abrasion may occur on the product. Please keep aware of the strap condition.

key ring
key ring
key ring
key ring

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