Ringke Invisible Defender Screen Protector [Full Coverage][2-Pack] Edge to Edge Side Coverage [Case Compatible] Scratch Resistant Thin HD Clearness Film for Galaxy Note 8


Rs. 699 Rs. 1,399


INVISIBLE DEFENDER made from premium urethane material design. The package includes 2 full coverage front films: 1 protector with one extra FREE, complimentary screen protector! More protection with less money!

Product Specification Along with extreme clearness, Invisible Defender offers the most full coverage screen protector as well as providing scratch resistance properties. Features innovative technology to prevent lifting. No more dust and debris getting between the screen protector and the device!

Perfect Fit: Flexibility of the material allows full coverage and adheres edge to edge. No loss of HD Resolution: High Definition clear film that ensures optimal resolution for full HD display plus extreme transparency. Touch Tech Technology: Offers perfect touch screen precision, enabling flawless use of today's most sophisticated touch screen devices. Non- Yellowing Material: manufactured from premium non-yellowing urethane material. Stains and Fingerprints wipe away easily: Fingerprints and smudges have always been problem with touch devices, but, INVISIBLE DEFENDER offers coating that is easier to clean compared to other screen protectors - Perfect for your smartphones.

What to Expect in the Package [2 Premium Full Coverage Films / Squeegee Card / Cleaning Cloth / Dust Removal Stickers / Installation Guide]

Polarized Rainbow Effect Disclaimer Note: Due to the oleophobic coating, the light reflecting on the screen protector may lead to a rainbow effect if the screen is viewed at certain angles through any lens with a polarizing filter, including polarized sunglasses.

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