Ringke Inner Bezel Styling for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 42mm Inner Bezel Ring Adhesive Cover Anti Scratch Stainless Steel Protection Accessory


Color: GW4C-42-IN-01 (StainlessSteel ) - Silver
Rs. 1,699 Rs. 2,099


Brand Ringke
Colour  Silver,Black
Compatible Devices Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 42mm
Screen Size 42 Millimetres

About this item

  • Diverse Styling - Customize your Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 42mm for a fresh new look and unique design.
  • Precise Fit - Easy to install and perfectly matched with Ringke Bezel Styling.
  • Fully Functional - Allows unhindered use of the rotating bezel and other watch functions.
  • Disclaimer - Repeated removal may lower adhesive performance. Allow up to 12 hours for adhesive to fully set.
  • Compatibility - Ringke Inner Bezel Styling is designed for Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 42mm Only. (NOT for Galaxy Watch 42mm) The product does not include a screen protector.


Product description

Diverse Selection
High-quality 0.5T thin stainless steel bezel selections are available in various colors and patterns for Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 42mm. Choose your style.

Sense of Unity
The peerless composition of both Inner and outer Bezel Styling allows a seamless connection between the rotating ring and the inner bezel. Express your style without limits by customizing every part of your smartwatch.

Smooth Rotation, Sound Protection
The strong adhesive ensures a safe and easy attachment of the Inner Bezel Styling without damaging the watch body. This simple connection allows the natural revolution of the watch bezel to remain smooth and effortless. You can even cover up already formed scratches and dents with this stylish accessory. It will even help prevent the formation of new scrapes on your smartwatch.

Easy Installation
Make sure your entire smartwatch is clean of oil and dust. Gently remove the protective film on the adhesive. Carefully and correctly align the Inner Bezel Styling and use the guiding notch for a perfect installation. Take your time, there's no rush! The adhesive on the bezel ring allows easy attachment and removal of the Styling.

- Use of the Inner Bezel Styling alone may cause an unlevel elevation on the watch face.
- The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic device is NOT included with the purchase of the product.
- Screen Protector is not included
- Ringke Bezel Styling must be purchased separately

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