Ringke Band Strap - Slim, Microfiber Phone Strap Holders for Smartphone Case


Color: Ticket Band 2
Rs. 799 Rs. 1,199


Ringke Band Strap is a universal smartphone strap made to fit around most phone cases for enhanced grip and drop protection.

Easily slide your fingers through the loophole for a secure one-handed hold on your phone with extended thumb reach from the top to the bottom of the phone screen.

With a thickness of only 0.07mm, the Ringke Band Strap adds zero bulk and weight, and the total length of 335mm and width of 12mm allows it to fit most size phone cases. For smaller devices, cut away excess strap parts for a better fit.

The soft and durable microfiber threads and processed with non-toxic dyes to bring out bright colors on both sides. The dyes are safe to use around children and prevent color transfer & bleeding onto the case or other fabrics.

Installation Method

1. Clean the inside of your phone case free of dust and smudges.

2. Check if you need to cut the strap to fit the case.

3. Attach the included adhesives to the ends of the strap.

4. Loop the strap through the camera and charging port hole.

5. Leaving enough room for two fingers, attach the adhesive ends onto the inside of the case.*

*For cases with an inner lining of suede, velvet, or silicone, attach the ends of the strap onto each other to prevent damage to the case.

Compatible with all standard phone cases, wireless chargers, and magnetic accessories.

band strap
band strap
band strap

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