Ringke Griptok 3 Height Level Built-in Metal Plate for Smart Devices


Size: Moon
Rs. 1,699 Rs. 2,499


Ringke Griptok

Designed by Ringke
Ringke Griptok Collaboration Collection!
Developed by Ringke to be the perfect match for Ringke cases.

Griptok Styling
Upgrade your smart phone style with diverse and fashionable designs.

One-Handed Grip
It provides a comfortable grip and protects your phone from slipping in your hands in your daily life.

More Convenient Than Ever
Push the sliding cap to the right, and double-check your appearance with the built-in mirror.
* Only Mirror type has bulit-in mirror.

Use it Your Way
Adjust the extended height of the Griptok to use it as a smart phone stand.

Countless Possibilities
Wrap your earphone cord around the Griptok for easy and clean storage.

Car Mount Compatible
The built-in metal plate allows full-use of magnetic car mounts.

Anti-Scratch Sticker
Install the included Anti-Scratch Sticker before attaching the Griptok onto smartphones or cases with a special coating.

Use of Griptok on the case is only recommended on flat, smooth surfaced cases. Do not use on cases with textured or uneven back.

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