Ringke Fusion Plus with DIY Soft Bumper Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Max, Clear Shockproof Flexible TPU Silicone Bumper Hard Back Cover


Color: White & Yellow
Rs. 1,699 Rs. 2,499


Designed for Efficiency

Ringke Fusion Plus provides superior performance with a minimal design.

The transparent polycarbonate back and thermoplastic polyurethane sides keep off scratches and bumps that may damage your device and enhance the grip around the case.

Designed for easy access and use of all ports and buttons without hassle.

Soft, Silicone Bumpers

Ringke Fusion Plus comes included with Soft Bumper inserts made from impact-absorbing silicone.

Each fragile corner of your device is guarded with a silicone cushion that provides heightened drop protection as it absorbs drop impact and disperses it evenly for minimal damage force to the device.

Switch out the colors of the bumper pieces to add a splash of color to your phone!

Double Air Pocket Technology

Ringke Fusion Plus enhances your smartphone's safety to a new degree.

Innovative Double Air Pocket Technology adds two bumpers on the top and bottom of the case to evenly divide impact force. The hollow center is fenced in by raised edges on both sides to prevent drop shock from directly striking the device.

Compatible Accessories

Ringke Fusion Plus has three separate slots that can hold a lanyard loop for attachable accessories such as wrist straps, neck straps, phone bands, and more.

The Ringke Fusion Plus is compatible with most wireless chargers.

Complete the protection by adding on a Ringke screen protector for all-around device protection.

Soft Bumper Installation

1. Make sure the grooved side is facing inwards when installing into the case

2. Gently push the bumper into the four corners of the Fusion Plus

3. Install your phone into the case from the top to the bottom

4. For removal, use the included Removal Pin to lift the edge of the bumper and pull it out.

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