Ringke Fusion Plus for iPhone 12 Case Back Cover, iPhone 12 Pro Case Back Cover


Color: Clear
Rs. 1,499 Rs. 2,499


Ringke Fusion Plus for iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro.

Designed for Efficiency

Ringke Fusion Plus provides superior performance with a minimal design. Easily access and use all ports and buttons without hassle. The softly rounded sides are embellished with a micro-dot pattern to prevent watermarks, while the bezels of the front screen and camera are raised for extra security.

Tough Protection

The clear back panel is made of hard polycarbonate for long-lasting durability. The smooth back displays the original color and design of the device while offering top-notch security. Tough against scratches and bumps that might damage the device.

Shock Dispersion

The convex, elastic TPU frame provides heightened drop protection as it absorbs drop impact and disperses it evenly for minimal damage force to the device. All buttons are covered for extra protection, yet easily accessible and usable.

Double Air Pocket Technology

Ringke Fusion Plus enhances your smartphone's safety to a new degree.

Innovative Double Air Pocket Technology adds two bumpers on the top and bottom of the case to evenly divide impact force. The hollow center is fenced in by raised edges on both sides to prevent drop shock from directly striking the device.

Compatible Accessories

Ringke Fusion Plus is compatible with most wireless chargers.

The QuikCatch Lanyard hole can hold accessories such as finger, wrist, and neck straps for convenience.

Style your Fusion Plus to fit you! The clear back is perfect for any adhesive phone accessories, pictures, and stickers.

iphone 12 case
iphone 12 case
iphone 12 case
iphone 12 case

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