Ringke Finger Ring Strap Silicone Smartphone Grip Lanyard Holder [2 Pack] with Anti-Slip Mount Function Compatible with Phone Cases, Keys, Cameras, and More


Color: Black & Pink Sand
Rs. 799 Rs. 1,399


  • Stylish waterdrop-design ring lanyard strap with universal smartphone compatibility
  • Made of soft and light-weight high-quality silicone that's easy to hold and portable
  • Enhance grip security by wearing it on your finger to prevent accidental drops and bumps
  • Built-in stand function by setting the non-slip silicone ring on the bottom of your phone and propping it against a wall
  • Make sure to use on cases with lanyard holes, such as Ringke brand smartphone cases


Product description

Ringke Finger Ring Strap is a slim, egg-shaped finger ring that's perfect for one-handed handling of smartphones of any size!
The simple design and sophisticated color options are a fantastic fit for anyone regardless of gender and age!

The super-soft silicone is gentle against the skin and prevents the occurrence of accidental scratches during frequent usage. The light and slim material make it easy to hold and adds minimal weight to your phone.
The silicone ring is flexible to fit around any finger for maximum comfort.

Made to be more than just a finger ring! Set your phone into the cleft on the bottom of the ring, and prop it up against a solid object, such as a wall, to take advantage of the non-slip material for a quick and easy phone stand.

Pair it with a Ringke smartphone case with built-in lanyard holes!
The Ringke Finger Ring Strap is also great for other accessories such as USB drives, keys, cameras, and more.

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