Ringke DX Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Max Case Back Cover


Color: Gun Metal
Rs. 1,599 Rs. 2,099


Modern Design :
Ringke DX offers the toughest, most durable protection with an innovative double-layered design.
Its sleek and unique style looks good in any situation, whether you're hitting the gym or attending a formal event.
With its anti-scratch, impact-absorbing properties, the Ringke DX protective case will keep your phone safe from drops and bumps from everyday use.

Dual-Layer Technology
The double-layer composition guards your phone from all manners of drops and scratches.
The inner thermoplastic polyurethane fully wraps around the edges of your phone, with lifted rims around the front screen for better screen protection. The elastic quality of the TPU absorbs impact and shock while remaining flexible enough to allow easy push of the covered buttons.
The hard outer PC casing acts as a safeguard against outside forces that may otherwise physically damage your device. Polycarbonate is a tough, solid material that can provide impact protection and is anti-yellowing.

Best Protective Case
The Ringke DX multi-layer case perfectly fits your phone for superior security and is constructed to last the lifetime of your device without wear or tear.
The corners of the case are structured with impact-absorbent technology to evenly disperse the shock from drops across the case for the least amount of damage taken directly to the device.

Secure Grip
Ringke DX has a uniquely buffed matte back panel that feels soft and comfortable in the palm of your hand.
The sides of the case incorporate a tactile non-skid microdot pattern for an enhanced grip without being hindered by the weight of your phone or moisture on your hands.

Note: The Ringke DX requires both layers to use. Please do not separate the TPU and PC layers before or after installing your phone!

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