Ringke Air Sports + Bezel Styling for Galaxy Watch Active 2 44mm


Color: Black / 20
Rs. 1,699 Rs. 2,099


The Perfect Match

These two were meant to be! Pair the flexible TPU Air Sports with elegant stainless steel Bezel Styling for a 2-in-1 combo that covers your Galaxy Watch Active 2 against scratches and nicks made from everyday use without any unnecessary hassle or bulk.

The combo Bezel Styling was uniquely designed to be used for the Air Sports case and cannot be used without it.

Perfectly Form Fitting

Safely maintain the watch's sleek profile with the supple, naturally contouring design while enhancing the watch's protection against scratches and dents.

Enjoy an ideal fit every time as the case fits snug on your device without any loose gaps or edges!

Exquisite Style

Show off your one-of-a-kind sense of fashion by adding on a beautiful, steel ring, creating a look that is personalized to you.

The lifted lip of the Bezel Styling protects your watch screen from making contact with flat surfaces such as walls, desks, and doors.

Choose amongst three unique styles to make your smartwatch look as good as new.

Fully Functional

Use the digital watch bezel without hindrance while protecting your watch. The Air Sports + Bezel Styling surrounds the Active 2 touchscreen to make your smartwatch experience smooth and natural. The case is also wireless charging compatible.

Quick Installation

1. Find and position the case to match the buttons on the watch body.

2. Slide your smartwatch into the case through the top of the case. The soft TPU can be gently bent to fit in the watch body and the hinge portions.

3. If the edges of the case are still caught around the watch, push the watch from the opposite direction to make the case fully cover the watch.

4. Clean the surface of the Air Sports case then gently remove the adhesive protective film on the Bezel Styling.

5. Align and install the Bezel Styling onto the Air Sports case.

galaxy watch active 2 44mm case
galaxy watch active 2 44mm case
galaxy watch active 2 44mm case
galaxy watch active 2 44mm case

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