Ringke Laptop Stand [Black] Anti-Slide Smart Folding Portable Slim and Weightless Adhesive Stand for Laptop, iPad, Tablet, and More


Color: Black
Rs. 1,199 Rs. 1,599


Easy Access

Doesn't take any tricks or hassles. Simply flip the outer flap to pull out the built-in Laptop Stand and instantly put it into action. The origami fold firmly holds its shape against the weight of the device. Innovative and durable Ringke Laptop Stand design fits perfectly under your device and stays slim for immediate portable stand access anytime, anywhere as the perfect accompaniment for your laptop!

Comfortable Angle

Keep your laptop at an angle designed for the ultimate convenience. Minimize the stress put upon your wrists and neck by inclining your device forward to create a natural and relaxing posture for your body. The anti-slip material of the laptop stand allows for enjoyable viewing, typing, and more with the ideal pre-set angle while firmly holding onto the flat surface it is placed.

Lightweight and Compact

Your laptop is built for portability, and Ringke Laptop Stand keeps it that way. Laying flat on the bottom of your device, this laptop stand keeps itself out of sight and out of mind when not in use. The near-weightless makeup of this product makes transporting from place to place painless and smooth.

Cooling Effect

The elevated height helps cool your laptop while in use and increases airflow to draw away heat from your devices. The compact length keeps the natural vents on your laptop open while simultaneously bringing in a refreshing draft and pushing out heated air from your laptop.

Laptops, Tablets, and More!

Don't restrict the usage of the Laptop Stand to just your laptop. This 9-inch stand is also compatible with tablets and other items with a side length of 9-inches and above. Enjoy the provided anti-slip grip pads on a wide variety of devices with a simple and quick installation that lets you automatically and freely carry in your laptop bags and sleeves without added bulk.

laptop stand
laptop stand

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