Ringke Laptop Folding stand Case


Color: Gray
Rs. 1,299 Rs. 1,599


Breaking New Ground

Check out Ringke's state-of-the-art laptop stand: Ringke Folding Stand 2. Follow the allocated fold lines to get the styling and non-slipping laptop stand. Straighten it back out when you're done, and use it as a mouse pad instead. Ringke Foldable Stand demonstrates the unity of style and convenience in this indomitable tech accessory.

Ultra Portable and Stylish

Experience the greatest convenience in the thin and lightweight frame of the Foldable Stand. The compact design can fit into any laptop or tech bag without adding noticeable weight for those quick on-the-go trips where you only need to bring the absolute essentials. Our product is designed with slip-resistant silicone material and high quality and luxurious PU fabric material.


The Foldable Stand has two sides: smooth and non-slip. Flip over to the gripping rubber side to use as a laptop stand. The contemporary honeycomb design improves the grip and prevents the product from slipping when using it. Included with the package are two anti-slip stickers to attach to the front of your device top and two protection sheets. The two protection sheets prevent scratches from appearing on your device.

The Ideal Viewing Angle

10~15° is the most comfortable angle for viewing your screen at a healthy distance. This elevation gives relief to the wrist while typing and keeps your back straight while looking at the screen. Betterment of your lifestyle starts from the little things, and Ringke Foldable Stand is the perfect first step towards a new you.

Universal Compatibility

Our folding stand is perfectly compatible with most devices. Regardless of the weight, size, and type, the folding stand is available for all laptops and tablets. It's capable of preventing the product from twisting up to the weight of 10kg.

folding stand
folding stand

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