About Us

by Glokal India on Mar 09, 2020

About Us

Rearth is a company built by everyday people solving your everyday problems. Our purpose is to give you peace of mind regarding the safety of your phone and other electronics. With our high quality line of Ringke high-polymer-coated silicone covers, you'll never have to worry about your electronic companion being damaged and your phone will be comfortable to hold.

Ringke is the end result of our innovative engineering and delivers a cutting-edge product for you. There may be other, cheaper ways to build cellphone accessories, but we have a culture of uncompromising quality and usability. We design and manufacture all of our cell phone cases ourselves so that we have full control of quality and reliability. We have made our customers our number one priority and work to bring you the best product with the best service.

Go ahead, judge us by the cover!

For starters, our motto is "Why not?"

Here at Rearth USA, we feel that customers deserve the best products at the best prices so:

    • Why not put forth every effort to develop highly customized, unique, and high-quality products for consumers?
    • Why not make those products affordable to consumers?
    • Why not care more about the customer than becoming nothing more than a massive retailing machine?
    • Why not build actual relationships with customers?

Our company was founded and is still run by previous customers just like You. We were also the "little guys" and got tired of always having to succumb to the power of these giant cell phone cover retailers. So, we opened our own company and began designing our own unique and high-quality products. You know, the kind we always wanted to see on the market but didn't cost an arm and a leg to purchase.

This is our primary focus and our primary goal: To Serve You, the Customer, in the way that you always deserved to be served but no one else ever took the time to try.

If you would like to learn more about our products, then feel free to check out our Blog and view some consumer's opinions about the quality that we've worked so hard to achive.